Lufta e zebrave për territor

Ky është momenti dramatik kur dy zebra të fuqishme përplasen me njëra-tjetrën në një betejë për territorin në Namibi.

Fotot janë bërë nga holandezja Marianne Berger.

Sipas saj, zebrat nisën të përleshen për shkak të një burimi uji.

Earning their stripes: Pictures captured the moment two furious zebras went hoof-to-hoof as they squared up for a vicious territorial fight over a waterhole in NamibiaCrossing swords: The two angry stallions reared up on their back legs with each trying their best to kick and bite their opponent in the battle at Etosha National ParkCollision course: The two animals rammed into each other as they battled for territory next to a waterhole at a safari park in NamibiaBattle lines: One of the angry zebras lunged at the other's neck as it tried to gain an advantage in the battle over the waterholeDutch wildlife photographer Marianne Berger started taking pictures after seeing the zebras charge at one another near the Salvadora waterholeCounter attack: One of the zebras turns its head as the other goes on the offensive with the battle heating up in NimibiaLeave it boys! A third zebra wanders in to see what all the fuss is about as the two warring stallions go hoof-to-hoof in the fightClamp down: One of the zebras managed to grab the other's leg causing its rival to squirm and wince in painEvasive action: One of the zebras charges at the flank of its rival and manages to ram its head into its sideThe photographer said that Salvadora was one of the area's most popular waterholes with large herds of zebra, wildebeest, and springbok coming to drinkSnappy: The zebras try their best to bite each other while one uses its hoofs to try to hit out at its angry opponentOn the attack: A zebra rears up and uses its hooves to lash out at its opponents in another daring attack during the fightIn the crowds of zebras, waiting for their turn to come and drink, fights break out and the stallions joust fiercely but usually for short periods, the photographer saidAfter the pair had finished fighting, they went their separate ways and both went over to the waterhole for a refreshing drink